Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 outings, no bass yet.....

The far South East had missed all the rain and floods of the last month. So with that in mind Peter and I hit the lower section of our local system thinking the bass would be queued up waiting for a flush to get back up the river on. A perfect place to pop our new season cherry and put a few nice bass on the board.

The usual surface lures drew a blank, mid water drew a blank, so the bottom of the holes seemed the obvious place for the next barrage of lures.

I half expected the hit when it came but I knew straight away it was no bass. A good strong fight with head shakes and some good runs had my little Stradic singing my favourite tune. I had done the sums and worked it out then from the depths came a big flattie, confirming my suspicions. I jabbed my thumb into its mouth and lifted her for a few quick pics before letting her swim off.

A few minutes later Peter giggled and announced he was on to another flattie. The fish towed him about in his new blue packraft, his Stradic singing the same lovely tune.

It was a PB flattie for Peter so a few pics where snapped for the album and she was sent on her way.

I went on to get another 3 flatties but sadly no bass, not the start I was hoping for but I can't really complain as we both went home smiling and feeling better about the world. 2 outings, no bass yet....

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