Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time you enjoy wasting

Bertrand Russell said: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Sometimes fishing adventures can be exactly that, time you enjoy wasting.

Easter is such a time for me, with the southern bass season all but over, I head off for a walk, some camping, some time just sitting quietly enjoying what nature has to offer.

My expectations at this time of year are not great, EP's provide some entertainment until the wintery winds bring a stop to my coastal adventures. 

I can waste hours on the flats; exploring, walking and searching for evidence

I watch the movement of the tides, finding perfection in the patterns left by the passage of the day, the movement of water.

I ponder the similarity of the sand and rock; a day to shape one, thousands of years to shape the other, such a contrast in the passage of time. 

Like the sand and rocks, the melaleuca trees take character by the interaction of wind, sun and water.

beneath the trees eyes scour upward, searching, looking, taking it all in. Sometimes I see myself in those eyes

being in such beautiful places is a privilege

Lucky EP's, they live in such places

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