Saturday, May 7, 2011

Season change Bonnies

Well the days are cooling as autumn takes hold and the daylight hours get shorter.  The bass are no longer worth the effort of chasing, as they no longer look upwards in search of dinner.  EPs are beginning to school up to breed and the big blue nose bream are heading up into the creeks,  I will begin chasing some trophy estuary fish soon.  

At this time of year the coastal currents have finished heading south bringing warm water and pelagic fish to the far south coast.  In a few weeks the currents will turn and head north taking the fish with them.  In the mean time some excellent surface fishing is to be had with schools of big bonito cruising the inshore waters smashing baitfish schools.

The usual haunts such as washes and inshore current lines are the obvious place to start throwing baitfish imitations for these speedsters but watching the birds is an easier way to ensure you find them.  Diving birds are a sure fire indicator of pelagic action and more often that not a guarantee that you'll get fish casting slugs or flies.

As the day progresses it my be necessary to sink your lure or fly down deeper to find fish.  Trolling a deep diving minnows along the rocks is a good way to locate schools.  Once hooked up it pays to cast back over the school as often mulitple fish can be taken.

Bonnies are a great sport fish; they take a range of slugs, flies and trolled minnows and are easily targeted by the inshore angler.  Occasionally Stripped Tuna, Kingfish or Autralian Salmon are also chasing the baitfish and make for great by catch.  

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