Sunday, June 19, 2011

WInter Exploration

I am not a man that likes to remain still for long, so I find winter a painful seasonal event with its confining weather. After a few weeks I itch to start walking, rafting and generally exploring spots that I intend to fish next season, "new territory" as my mate Peter calls it. We are addicted to new territory but I often don't want to gamble good summer fishing conditions on the unknown so...winter is the perfect time to explore my hunches.

A rare perfect winters day on Sunday allowed me a day to explore a small creek that was accessible via a tangle of rough 4x4 tracks and short beach walk. I had my eye on this one for a while and knew it well on Google Earth and topographic maps.

Like many of the small creeks I fish this one appears to flow tidal as the exception rather than the rule. Glass smooth, tannin stained waters where chilly even through my neoprene booties. 

Suffice to say I was happy with what I found, a delightful snaking creek with ample bankside cover. By the time I had covered a km or so I was content to put it on my trip list for next season as it would hold EP's and bass. It was certainly nice to be in a raft and paddling some new territory. Can’t wait to return with a rod next season.

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  1. Love to see the exploration side of things Steve, and that last shot is a cracker!