Sunday, September 4, 2011

Claytons Bass

The far south coast is always slow to get moving in regard to early season bass fishing. The water is still chilly and weather still cool, so despite having some minor success on opening day, the season does not really start in full for us until October when it warms a little. 

The lack of fishing over winter leaves a terrible itch that desperately needs scratching. For Jeff and myself EP's offer the most viable target until the bass become more active. They seem to be more active in the cooler water than bass and offer some fantastic fishing at this time of year.

Jeff was given a fathers day gift of 'fishing time' so we took full advantage and hit the water a little before dark. It did not take long for our surface offerings to gain the attention we wanted.

Gentle retrieves of surface lures with subtle actions seemed to attract boisterous takes. Anything noisy or with too much action was ignored, they seemed to be in cold water prawn mode, striking only on the pause.

By the time the run out tide came to a stop and shut the fish down we had landed just short of 20 EP's between us with many in the high 30's and the best a whisker under 40cm. 
EP’s are really the Claytons Bass, the bass you catch when your not really catching bass. 

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