Friday, September 12, 2014

No Ordinary Winter

The unseasonal warm weather has seen a lot of unusual fishing in my part of the world, bream, flathead, bass and estuary perch all working the surface beyond the usual closing time of late autumn.

last week I walked an area to the south with my backpack and packraft, and fished a few of the more remote estuaries, picking up bream a plenty on the surface, it was like mid autumn was not

A large moon meant big tides, a big front moving through resulted in floods, storm serges, high winds and rain but fishing on proved to be worthwhile, unseasonal but…

I fished last Wednesday afternoon for 12 bream, 3 flathead and four estuary perch, more akin to a summers afternoon for this part of the world.

Climate change, unseasonal weather, freak conditions...who knows 

The EP's are clearly on schedule despite the weather, whenever caught I would move on to avoid them, preferring to let them go about their business undisturbed.

Winter is a great time for wild adventures, a warm sleeping bag, a backpack, packraft and a bunch of surface lures.....not conventional but very rewarding.

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