Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Ending

I snuck out for a sneaky few hours last night, another impromptu session. Conditions were perfect, glassy water, mullet actively splashing about, fast fading light. I had high expectations and a big hit early in the piece resulted in a few seconds of being connected to an average bass. From there a vale of nothing descended for two hours. I worked a range of surface lures for nothing. Rummaging through the tackle boxes I came upon one of my favourite lures, a NutterJuck Fizzer, it was a bit sad, hooks had lost a battle and were bent out of usable shape. I had nothing else so I reshaped the hooks and tied it on. Three fish in three casts fishing over water that I had covered multiple times... The last fish fell off next to my packraft when the hook finally failed but it was still a happy ending.

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