Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Mates - 3 Days Fishing

Work had kept me from my bass fishing early this season, so on arriving home from a stint of work in Canberra I was keen to hit the water.

First day I planned a walk in trip to a small system that would offer a few options in the ordinary conditions. A cold and wet snap saw the water high, cold and tannin stained. The bass elluded us but my fishing mate Peter and I managed a few EP's and other estuary dwellers.

one of four EP's

Peter with a small EP from the rubber duck (note the raft camo colour)

Another species on the Bettspin - Silver trevor.

Another Bettspin victim the humble tailor

A few days later I hooked up with another south coast mate Craig on the lower section of a local creek to see if I could get a bass on the board for the season. Conditions looked promising but it was fairly slow fishing generally.

Craig with a typical south coast bass (just before he cooked up a bonza pasta for dinner!! I gotta fish with Craig more often).

Check out the silver colour of this fish, we figured it was not long back from the saltwater?

My first litlle bass for the season. After dark with a boof off the top.

Third day saw me hook up with my good mate Jules for an afternoon session on yet another local creek with the flyrod. It was a cracking afternoon and the bass came out to play. We landed several fish each off the surface in the last few hours of the day.

 A nice little creek bass on my new 4 weight.

Jules with a fly munching south coast creek bass.

So the season started for me, as the season progressed the weather warmed and I spent many of my afternoons poking about the creeks chasing bass.

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