Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Floods

Well it never rains but it pours......too true, we got up to 300mm of rain in parts on the far south coast over a few days in february of this year. Much needed rain that caused a lot of local flooding, great stuff!!. I slipped out one afternoon to have a look at my local creek, took a rod just in case.

This is usually a calm pool!!

The river was pretty much unfishable but I did pull this little fella out of a back eddy. Had a few boofs but it was tough fishing. Still...very stoked about the rain and intrested that I could still pull fish out of the flooded mess.  Back eddies are productive bits of water in such instances.  I have fished the Clarence river in full flood and found some really productive fishing in the back eddies. 

It is a little restrictive as you are forced to fish around the heavy flow a bit to find the 'pocket water'.  It is not unlike fishing a fast flowing trout stream really.

 Back  eddy rewards.

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