Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Smallmouth Bass

Last winter I headed off to Canada for my good mate Gavins wedding.  After the wedding we spent a few days in the 'Cottage Country" and I got to spend an afternoon chasing small-mouth bass, a similar fish to our Australian bass. I fished the less than ideal 'mid afternoon' and had to leave as the fish started moving but still enjoyed landing a new species of bass. I had only taken fly gear with me on this trip, I may have fared better with a light spin stick and a few bettspins. They are pretty much the same as Ausbass by way of fishing techniques, habitat, fight.

Pretty lakes and full of water!!

There seemed to be an abundance of these little bass, they loved a slow fished Wolly Bugger.

This was the largest fish I could manage
The only 'Large-mouth' seen

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