Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eagles, transfer cases, tomatoes and bass fishing

What do Eagles, transfer cases; tomatoes and bass fishing have in common?? I had one of those days today......

Even before breakfast a bloody great Eagle managed to get into our eagle proof chicken coop and was making a breakfast of our chickens when my wife turned up to get the eggs. My wife is scared of angry Eagles trapped in chicken coops so I'm called in; “you're always on about catch and release, catch and release that bloody big Eagle". Slightly outside my area of expertise, I quickly search for an Eagle friendly C & R tool. The only Eagle C & R tool I can muster at short notice is my prized vintage prawn net. The angry Eagle is not at all happy with the idea of being in a prized vintage prawn net but it is eventually liberated back to the wild to harass some other poor hippie’s chickens. Prized vintage prawn net is no longer suitable for prawning.

I gather the remnants of my no longer prized vintage prawn net and climb into my vintage Land rover to drive up the steep hill to the building site we call home. 'Best stick her in low range' I think; clunk grrrr clunk ping...mmmm nothing,…. clank bang clank bang...nothing , mmmm no low range. Land rovers are very reliable, they break down once a week without failure, and you can rely on it. Martin, my mechanic, knows me well, he smiles and books another holiday to Fiji every time the Landie rolls into his rustic workshop. Sadly for me Martin wants two holidays in Fiji to fix the Landie. "What the F#@K happened to ya prawn net Steve?"asks Martin as I write out another cheque to Bega Travel World.

In the building site we call a home, the fishing rods (weapons of bass destruction) are stored in a cupboard with my wife’s collection of preserved bottles of veggies and fruit. Now I was unhappy with my wife’s decision to store these potentially dangerous goods with my collection of fine tackle. I recall at the time she asked "what's the worst that could happen?". What I should have said was “a toxic mess of tomato sauce could ferment for weeks in glass bottles then explode showering all my fishing gear with toxic tomato compost like stuff that really stinks" Ahhhh the benefit of hindsight. Nothing that a good old fashion garden hose and 25,0000L of tank water couldn’t fix. Soooo....with my bass fishing gear all clean I got to thinking…days preety much rooted may as well tempt fate and go bass fishing....

I know what you’re thinking, he fell in the river, got bitten by a snake, broke his Gloomis in 2 places and hooked himself in the arse with a barbed treble………sorry to disappoint bad things only happen in threes

 It's not Fiji but....there are bass in there

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