Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fishing With Gus

I first met Gus through the Ausbass website, our mutal intrest in all things bass fishing and his frequent trips to visit his folks that live in the district meant that it was only a matter of time before we hooked up for a fish.

The phone call from Gus was all it took to get me to down tools for a spot of bassing that particular day. An exploration of some promising Google Earth proved fruitless so we were forced to shift to Plan C which involed wet wading my local freestone creek for an hour or so through the peak period just before dark.

Gus with the first fish for the day.

We ended up with 5 bass for our brief session but they where all lovely little bronzed wild fish that pulled hard in the cool clear flow of this magic little stream. I seldom share my favourite fishing places but I really enjoyed wading the stream with Gus, chating and tossing little lures, he is a fine fisher with a real appreciation for bass and the places we find them. On such afternoons the bass are a real bonus.

And another..

Koolabung Cicada Fizzer take yet another bass

The best fish for the afternoon, a fine healthy Aussie bass.

Final fish just on dark.
Gus and I have since become good mates and often fish together; this trip was kind of the start of that friendship and many adventures.No doubt there will be many more as we both share a love of X-Stream Fishing.

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