Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Many of you would know that the bass fishing on the far south coast has suffered badly due to the continuing drought that has decimated many of my regular bass creeks. In my search for new fishable bass water I have begun fishing what I would consider 'fringe water' in the lower sections of my usual bass systems. A few bass have been found but my EP by catch has gone through the roof. My best day thus far saw 18 EPs landed in a morning session. I love EP's, they are a tad angrier than bass, consistently take surface lures and they live in really beautiful places - pretty much like bass I guess. Here’s a few pics featuring myself and a few of my mates that explore with me (and EP by catch of course)

A typical little EP

Gus with a nice 42cm model 

Sammy 65 from Lucky Craft is a top 'walk the dag' style lure for EP's
Peter getting in on the EP surface action with a nice fish.

Mat with his first EP,  he went on to nail numerous fish that day.

The EP's big night vision eyes get used a lot

Double hookups are not that uncommon, here Mat Hedger holds up a pair taken whilst sharing 'The Rubber Duck'

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