Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New PB Bass - 57cm

Recent decent rains have really improved the local water levels and hence my thoughts have once more turned to bass. My good friend and estuary fishing partner Peter had never caught a bass, so he was keen to give it a go. Sunday arvo was looking good so a plan was hatched and we hit the water at what I considered the perfect time. An even cloud cover, no breeze and a slight build up ahead of a change had my expectations high. Once at the waters edge we inflated our Alpackas and slipped into the water.

We had not gone more than 100 yards when there was a boil beneath Peters lure. I threw my Koolabung Cicada Fizzer to the opposite side of the snag, halfway back it disappeared into a gently boil, I struck and came up hard..... very hard... and very heavy, suddenly I was losing a lot of line in a hurry. The bass barreled through the surrounding weed beds like an underwater bulldozer. Paddling as well as one can with one hand, I got over the fish and managed to lift it free of the deep weed only to have it barrel off again. This game went on for what seemed an eternity until I eventually got the upper hand and lifted 57cms of solid bronzed bass. I was totally stoked.

One very fat bass

The Cicada Fizzer was bent into an L shape, but it held

After we had settled back down, Peter threw to the location of his first strike and was almost immediately smacked by a solid bass. A similar fight ensued and he landed his first ever bass, a plump and fit 42cm model. He was one very happy fisherman.

It must have only been three or four casts later and I was on again to a similar fish. Again it was a fat and fit bronzed fish of 42cm.

By this stage I was thinking it could not get any better than this, a PB for me, Peter landing his first bass (and a beauty at that) and another 40 plus for me...then I heard Peter, as another bass smacked his popper. I knew it was a good bass by the way he was being towed at speed out form the edge (hollering like a boy). The bass surged deep and did several powerful runs peeling line. In the clear water Peter had her beat by the time I caught him up in time to see him lift a 50.5cm bass

I did mention to Peter that he may have ruined his bass fishing career, getting a 50 plus on ones first outing sets a few expectations that may not be easily met

It has been over ten years since I landed my previous PB of 53cm, with my new PB @ 57cm I am wondering how long before I get another PB......

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