Thursday, November 11, 2010

Into the night

An early start and a day on the tools cutting rafters for my house had me feeling pretty hot and tired, I could feel it building to an afternoon storm. I was hoping it would hold off until later but by 3.30 it dumped putting an end to my plans to work through to dark. What to do with a free evening......

The pressure dropped and it cooled, leaving the evening still, slightly cloudy and perfect for a flick of surface lures. Fishing my local is predictable, the bass where were they should be and took to our surface presentations on queue.

In the last light of the day I was plagued by small bass up to about 30cm, a great indicator for the seasons to come but not what I was after. I must have landed 10 or soo small bass then the surface action came to an abrupt halt prompting a switch to what has proven a very productive technique so far this season.

The bass were hitting really hard on the SB's, taking them on the drop along the structure lined pools requiring some heavy handed extraction to prevent being buried.

These lovely wild fish were in fantastic condition, my best bass for the evening went 42.5 but she pulled well beyond her size, I am never disappointed with a well conditioned fish though.

It is certainly a wonderful thing having such consistent fishing within a few minutes drive of my farm; it allows fishing the prime times and plenty of opportunity to play with different lures and techniques.

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