Monday, November 8, 2010

More Wild Exploration

Strapped on the back pack and boots again last week with my comrade in adventure Peter and spent a few days walking, packrafting and fishing in the wilderness looking for some unfished bass water, with some insurance of the brackish section bream and EP's.

Sadly there was not enough fresh water in the area we explored to sustain bass populations, in fact we had to really scrounge to find enough fresh water for drinking in the dry coastal landscape.

Overgrown spiky bush bashes, ticks, snakes and scorpions, lack of water, several very windy days, cold nights... we had a fantastic trip worthy of recount for years to come.

Despite the hollow promises of topo maps and Google Earth and failure to find bass water, we still managed to land some richly coloured bream and EP's from the tannin stained brackish waters.

The impenetrable Teatree cladding guards the water’s edge but offers an endless amount of structure to pepper with surface lures . Packrafts are the answer for the access in these situations .

Such places are very wild and remote, not a place for inexperienced or ill prepared.

You are very small in such big places, but such perspective is very humbling and that is the essence of the attraction.

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