Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remote South Coast Fishing

Living on the far south coast of NSW affords access to some of the best bream fishing water in the country. This stretch of coast abounds with small wild estuaries that see very little pressure outside the peak holiday periods.

Fishing many of these estuaries often involves 4 wheel driving, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and pack-rafting or a combination of these transport modes to access the fishing. Such was the case last weekend when regular fishing companion Peter and his mate Dave joined me for a walk in trip to one of my favourite systems.

It was a brief overnighter, with the hope of targeting some of the many bream that inhabit the system. As always with such trips some consolation prizes were awarded by way of numerous Estuary Perch, Silver trevally and Flatties.

The cool crystal clear water revealed the big bream to be present in numbers, but they were totally uninterested in the vast array of hard bodied and soft plastic offerings made. To say the bream were tight lipped is an understatement; despite our best efforts not a single bream was caught.

A lone dingo paid a visit in the middle of the night leaving the evidence in the sand. The Yuin people believed that when the last of the South East Dingos disappear then we will cease to exist.

With only 8 pairs left in the area I am hoping they got it wrong.

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