Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avoiding The Moon

I have not fished much for a week or so because the moon has been out and bright on the water most nights, I seldom find good fishing in such conditions. We watch for good cloud cover on the big moon nights, the cloud obscures the moon and gets the bass out and about. A mid afternoon text from Jeff had me looking upward; a good cloud cover meant a bass outing was on the cards. When I pulled up at the river Jeff was already fishing, 3 casts for nothing. It was about a dozen casts later and his Koolabung cicada fizzer was boofed of the top, line peeled off and the little drag sang to the tune of a thin 35.5cm bass.

It was not long after that his Koolabung was hit again, this time a better fish but sadly the hooks pulled as the fish made the drag sing yet again, the language was not fit for print. I decided to switch to the Cicada Fizzer and was rewarded with a hook up shortly after which was also dropped. A good 15 minutes later no more surface action forced a change to the ever-reliable black spinner-bait, the response was immediate and a fat 39cm bass belted me, my largest for the season so far.

I was rewarded again with a smaller 32cm 5 minutes later, a fit and fat little bass.

Jeff switched to a spinner bait about this time and shortly after hooked up to another good fish but once again it was dropped after the initial burst; once again the language was not fit for print. About 2 minutes later the moon appeared from behind the cloud cover and the fish activity stopped. We fished on for a little while but without a touch so called it a night. A few nights earlier we had a similar night with only one fish landed and several dropped until the moons emergence shut the fishing down.

Hopefully the cloud cover will block the moon again tomorrow night and allow us a few hours bassing.

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