Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Therapy Works

I have been very busy and in desperate need of a relaxing fish for the last week or so. Monday and Tuesday looked to be the best days of this month for an EP session with the tide hitting bottom an hour or so after dark. 

I planned my very busy working days around being on the water by 6pm and the plan went well. Sadly though, nature conspired against me and both days got completely blown out - strong winds and finesse surface fishing are not happy bedfellows. 

By Wednesday night the low tide was into the evening and less than ideal, still the possibility was there and I needed it. My felling was that the EP's would soon begin their dispersal up and through the system, a change of approach would be needed to catch them in numbers then.

In the afterglow of sunset a few boils indicated the EPs to be on the chew, within a few casts my lure was attended to, a small EP was landed, photographed, then sent on it's merry way. 

This process occurred a few more times over the next hour or so before things slowed and the boofs became too far apart to hold my attention. The clear star filled sky; sounds of the night birds and distant break lulled me into a relaxed and contented state. I found I was no longer desperate to catch another EP, I was pretty happy, therapy works.

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