Friday, September 9, 2011

EP Addiction

Fishing is horribly addictive and my mate Jeff and I are a hopeless pair of Junkies. One would think that we'd have been happy with a 20 fish session but only two nights later we were back for another hit.

We returned to the location we had fished a few nights earlier and within a few minutes found a school of mid sized EP's. Their response to our surface lures sounded out in the still quiet of the cold night.

Schools shut down after a few fish have been released so we would move on and find another, C & R a few fish then move again, it never gets boring.

Unusually the bright moon was not upsetting the fish feeding but subtle surface presentations were needed or the lures would be ignored

After a few hours we had landed 15 EP's, we were once again happy so called it a night, the fish will be there when we return in a few nights time for another fix

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