Sunday, September 25, 2011

First 40

The wind was blowing, the temperature was struggling to get past 15 degrees and misty rain spats fell most of the day. Looking out the window one could be forgiven for thinking that bass fishing on such a day would be a waste of time.

Peter and I had planned to walk in and fish a more remote section of a nice little freestone creek but the weather threw doubt on our plan. As we drove, a plan B switch saw us on some 'easier' water drifting in misty rain, casting at structure.

DespIte the less than ideal conditions it was pleasant to be on the water, the bellbirds piping, platypus drifting lazily, us casting and retrieving small surface lures. A good 45 minutes passed before I got my first fish, a wild and dark little bass. 

A few missed hits followed before I got my second, a slightly better fish that pulled well beyond its size. It was pretty much dark by this stage, and under the cover of darkness the bass seemed to switch on briefly. Peter landed 3 low to mid 30's in quick succession. The drizzle was getting heavy and the cold air was sinking onto the river. Peter had taken his Alpacka out and was making his way up the hill to the car as I shot out my last cast, Boof and miss... bloop bloop bloop pause, nothing... I continued to bloop and pause my lure back for another 20 feet and was thinking of a hot shower and dinner when another big boof saw me connected to my first 40 of the season. 

Some days you just luck it.

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